“Did some oil pastel rubbings of some of my favorite sea critter shells. Next step is to create painting layers around them so they will look like they are in a tidepool. The magic will be in making them look like they are underwater.”  Pam Haunschild


“Painting. Is. Messy. Fun. And. Tricky! ”  Pam Haunschild says.

Fun Fact! PH is a former Jack Crosby Regents Chair of Business Administration at The University of Texas at Austin/

former Associate Professor at Stanford University/ and studied Organizational Behavior at Carnegie Mellon.



Completed watermedia original with nautilus shell by Pam Haunschild, Nature and Wildlife Artist



Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow (February 19th).  I will drop off my new work for this year and should arrive early afternoon.

Thank you for such a wonderful blog post! You are a treasure. Hope you are ok and have power restored.  Best, Pam


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Pam Haunschild in her studio About artist Pam Haunschild: In her artistic practice, Pam explores nature. She goes beyond realism and …


And, too, due to arrive soon at Fairweather’s!

Adult coloring books with the Golden Radio

Architect Rafael Araujo’s hand-drawn Golden Ratio illustrations are amazing drawings that are all connected by a common theme. Armed with nothing but a pencil, compass, ruler, and protractor he creates drawings that depict the mathematical brilliance of the natural world, and has published  an adult coloring book in 2021 that seeks to reconnect humans with nature.



Araujo’s renditions revolve around intelligent patterns of growth that are ruled by the Golden Ratio. This special number, commonly annotated with the Greek letter Phi (?), is equal to 1.618 and can be seen in all sorts of natural spirals, sequences, and proportions. “Phyllotaxis” is the name given for the tendency of organic things to grow in spiral patterns and this number pattern reoccurs so often in nature that some researchers have deemed it a universal law for the perfection of structures, forms, and proportions. Found in a nautilus shell, leaves, and even butterfly wings Phi can be traced throughout our environment, time and time again.



“Thank you for your help with the purchase of the nautilus shell art.  I love the colors  in the art as it went so well with my ideas.  I have sent you a photo of the completed project of our guest bath with the Fairweather piece as the centerpiece of the space. Thank you so much for your expertise.” — T. Volz




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