For BE OUTSIDE, impressionistic floral painter Lieta Gratteri on exhibit through Aug. 25 @ Fairweather’s.

Sunflowers 16 x 20 watercolor, handmade paper, marbled Gelli, and gold leaf by Lieta Gratteri

Lieta Gratteri, a nursery and garden center manager for more than 30 years, often paints impressionistic art from NW fresh cut flowers she has cultivated and grown, as well as coastal wildlife.

Watercolor artist Lieta Gratteri in her home garden studio
Lieta Gratteri’s nursery 2021

“Central to creating a garden of interest is putting light-colored flowers in an area of shade and placing dark foliage plants in juxtaposition to gray-green textured plants.  Indeed, it is crucial to create a density of vegetation combined with a surprising bursts of color along a sight line or a path, and to develop moments where the visitor is fully immersed in the flowers, surrounding foliages, and a glimpse through the tree canopy above, so that the sky is barely visible” — D. Fairweather, Oregon master gardener 

Art work progression

Lieta Gratteri, artist and fellow gardener, paints as if planning a garden, adding light and dark touches to her art with a mixture of texture to entice the viewer.” — FH&G

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway


BE OUTSIDE exhibition on view through August 25

A group show showcasing the work of selected regional artists incorporating painting, photography, sculpture, fiber art and more.   Featuring watercolor artist Paul Brent, fresco painter Agnes Field, floral painter Lieta Gratteri, pen and ink artist Dorota Haber-Lehigh, fine art photographer Bob Kroll, acrylic artist Bev Drew Kindley, fused glass artist Carolyn Lindberg, oil painter Emily Schultz-McNeil, calligrapher JoAnn Pari-Mueller, mixed media artist Jan Rimerman, and plein air artist Lisa Finch-Wiser.

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