Art for ON SECOND GLANCE from Mike Brown, Carolyn Myers Lindberg, and Paul Brent.

Oregon Myrtle Wood artisan bowl with azul filler embedded to accent the knot and grain by Mike Brown. 

Myrtlewood grows only along the Pacific Coast in Oregon, to San Diego and Klamath mountains and along the west slope of the Sierra Nevada. Wood artist Mike Brown  forages for Myrtlewood from trees downed by winter storms.

Surprisingly, these nests take a considerable amount of time to create. I first cut a lot of tiny strips of glass of varying lengths and colors, assembled them to look like twigs and fired them in my kiln.  Then the “twigs” were layered flat to resemble how a bird might have built its nest.  The assemblage is fired again to meld all the “twigs” together.  Then, finally, the entire nest is fired for the third time in a mold to create the bowl shape of the nest. It was a long process but fun to see the nests take shape!  In fused glass, you can’t ever get a completely round shape since fusing is done on a flat kiln shelf.  So, I spent some time trying different elements to take the place of nest eggs and decided on tumbled agate stones, or chalcedony.  I think they complement the glass nests. –-Carolyn Myers Lindberg


“Sandpipers” watercolor by Paul Brent

At Seaside estuary along the Necanciium River, flocks of many thousands of the Western sandpipers can be sighted swirling around over shallow water, landing to feed, before resuming migration. Their tightly coordinated escape flights are breathtaking to observe.



Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway


September 5- 25

An exhibition that depicts a second look into art concepts, looking past the first glimpse to discover deeper, more specific, and significant elements in the artist conception of the work.


 “A Second Glance,” an exhibition that depicts a look into specific art concepts. Features woodturner Mike Brown, watercolorist Mary Burgess, mixed media art by Pam Haunschild, plein air artist Melissa Jander, glass artist Carolyn Myers Lindberg, botanical artist Mike Mason, and oil painter Lisa Wiser.

Introducing textile artist Bobbie Garlington and hammered pewter artist Barb Sedgwick.  



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