The Regal View

Bald Eagles along the very edge of the United States along the North Coast are an icon of bravery and freedom.”  —Bob Kroll, photographer

The Eagle Has Landed

Astronauts appear fearless in their work representing our country, and my photo “The Eagle Has Landed” reminds us of the words of Neil Armstrong when he spoke to Mission Control to report that the lunar module “Eagle” had landed safely on the moon’s surface.

Apollo 11 was the American spaceflight that first landed humans on the Moon. Commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin landed the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle on July 20, 1969.” –Bob Kroll

May The Sun Shine, Once Again, On Their Faces.

I was inspired to create the sunflower image, “May the Sun Shine, once again, on Their Faces,” by the Ukrainian people as they fearlessly defend their homeland from invasion by Russian forces. I will donate all my proceeds from the sale of this piece and will go to support Mercy Corp. for humanitarian relief in Ukraine.  The sunflower, or “soniashnyk,”   has symbolized peace in Ukraine throughout history.

Since I retired from veterinary specialty practice (as a board-certified veterinary neurologist), my wife Nancy and I spent most of our time on the North Oregon coast in Cannon Beach, contributing our time as volunteers to North Coast Land Conservancy. In addition, I serve on the board of Cannon Beach Gallery. Bob Kroll


Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

May 7-25

For May, FEARLESS, is an exhibition featuring N.W. artists Vanessa K. Stokes, Bob Kroll, Sharon Kathleen Johnson, Chas Martin,  Michael Muldoon, Lee Munsell, and Peg Wells.

The artists have life-earned experience, connection to patrons, community ties with the past, and follow the road ahead to an unknowable future. The artists selected for FEARLESS, for example, aren’t afraid to dive into uncharted waters and never give up.

I equate fearless with brave, though they are not truly the same, because people behaving bravely can be filled with fear.”  Bob Kroll

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