“Golden” dragonfly watercolor by Lieta Gatteri


“Bronze” dragonfly watercolor by Lieta Gratteri

I have been painting for ten years and love bringing living items into my art. I enjoy making them come alive and trying to capture a lot of texture on my paper. Watercolor has its own mind sometimes; it is fun trying to control it to what I am looking for.”  Lieta Gratteri

I love to work with color. Making things glow is a passion for me. Layering colors get a charming effect. –Lieta

Grace note. Lieta will often add a pleasant surprise to her watercolors to create a mixed-media work of art. See above to discover the “thank you” postage stamp, a repurposed item from a Fairweather note she received recently.

I work out of my studio at home and have a huge group of art and gardening friends that bring so much joy to my life. I am a resident artist of Fairweather Gallery in Seaside and a member of the Oregon Society of Artists.”

Lieta’s trips to the nurseries in the area are her playground and she enjoys sharing finds with her many, many gardening friends. Indeed, it seems as if the energy of a busy day filled with seeing all the choices available during the growing season calls to the artist. Truly, Lieta just wants everyone to have fun in their own garden and have success with all things growing. Surely, being in nature is enjoyable and relaxes her mind. –FH&G review.


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Go to Lieta Gratteri’s FB page, like the artist, and read about her local area nursery reports and lovely finds. She is a master at home and garden notes and has served her fans for more than thirty years.

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