Sea Star wooden bowl and complementary serving utensils. Signed. 

Artist Janis Childs designed and individually painted wooden tableware.

I LOVE YOUR WORK! Your designs are whimsical but also classical. I particularly love the starfish bowl in grey and pale blue! So pretty.”  KW

Dragonfly Serving Bowl by Janis Childs. Handpainted original.

I’ve had my beautiful bowls for years and they still look like new. I use them all the time.”  CD

Just in for Fairweather. 

Northwest artist Janis Childs individually painted wooden tableware.

 Food-safe, hand-painted beech, maple bowls, and 100% cotton napkins in exclusive designs.  

So excited to represent Janis Childs. 

Functional art in stunning pops of color with so many different sizes, fruits, and flowers. 


Janis strives to create original handpainted work that is both beautiful and functional. She has selected flora, fauna, and coastal themes for tableware bowls in NW themes.

Recently, she introduced handpainted and signed linens to complement her wooden bowl designs.

Janis Childs has made the Pacific Northwest her home and continues to play an active role in the art community.

Janis Childs has art that has made its way gleefully into galleries and collections across the country and abroad.

The creations of Janis Childs capture the drama
and magnificence of nature
on classic tableware forms in maple, pine, and ash.
Handpainted originals in glowing iridescent colors.
Accented in gold and silver.
One-of-a-kind designs,
each carrying the signature of the artist.

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