For BALANCING ACT, Oregon jewelry maker Jim Hayes.

Above: Lace agate set into a silver silver frame with maker’s hallmark. Earrings by Jim Hayes.

Above: Top left, bumblebee jasper stone/  top right, lapis/ bottom left, abalone with sterling fringe/ bottom middle, turquoise set in hammered sterling/ bottom right, Deschutes jasper. All earrings are set in sterling.

Oval abalone shell, set in silver with sterling silver fringe earrings.

Jim Hayes is a talented silversmith who also cuts, shapes, and polishes the stones in his eye-catching designs. His unique jewelry showcases the beauty of nature, and all are made by hand.

Jim Hayes has a love for natural stones. He uses stones found In Oregon, cuts, and sets his stones in a sterling silver setting with his maker’s hallmark. Jim Hayes has been designing and crafting jewelry for thirty-plus years. Started at the Saturday Market in Portland, eventually expanding into The Real Mother Goose, and later selected a few galleries in the Northwest to represent his work. He lives around lots of water, so when a break is needed, he goes and sits by the river, meditating and pretending to be fishing.

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

September 3 through September 25

 BALANCING ACT, an exhibition highlighting the symmetry found in contemporary and traditional art.

Featuring  watercolorist Paul Brent,  ceramic artist Sandy Visse, mural artist Toni Avery,en Plein air and studio artist Melissa Jander, whimsical artist Marga Stanley, contemporary artist Diane Copenhaver, mixed media artist Jan Rimerman, fine jewelry maker Jim Hayes, and craft maker Pat Tulip. 

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