“The Balance”
Acrylic on wood cradle

With each coat of paint, whether watercolors, gouache, acrylics, or oil comes depth and motion…it’s exciting and satisfying to see my work evolve from one layer to the next. I love using odd tools to paint with….for instance, Some images in my whimsy collection are painted with a toothpick (I couldn’t find a small enough pallet knife) MARGA

Frankenbunny’s Tea Party (ants included)
Oil on wood board

Frank N. Bunny’s trying to escape the ants by balancing his tea cake on his head. His tea party is not going as planned. And the ants keep coming.”  Marga

My art training comes from watching and experimenting and then doing it repeatedly, exposing a little more of me, Marga, with every attempt. I love the movement of things… whether it’s the hair or feather on a bird’s head or the drooping of a flower’s leaf…I want to make my painting live and breathe. I read Bedtime Stories in Marga’s World for eight delightful years on KMUN radio. I wrote my own children’s story. This was stimulating and a great way to fuel my imagination for my art. MARGA

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

September 3 through September 25


 BALANCING ACT, an exhibition highlighting the symmetry found in contemporary and traditional art.

Features watercolorist Paul Brent,  ceramic artist Sandy Visse, mural artist Toni Avery, en Plein air artist Melissa Jander, whimsical artist Marga Stanley, contemporary artist Diane Copenhaver, mixed media artist Jan Rimerman, fine jewelry maker Jim Hayes, and craft maker Pat Tulip. 

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