“Slightly Twisted” vase by Mike Brown 

Individual sections of yellow heart, red heart, black walnut, big leaf maple, and cherry wood turned into a spectacular vase. Signed 2022.

New fall inventory of segmented nautilus sculptures: Black walnut, shell shells with maple and Sapele wood, maple, and aromatic red cedar shell by Mike Brown.

Each shell has more than 140 slices of segmented wood.

Each shell takes more than 40 hours to create. For 2022, Mike Brown introduced custom-made stands for his shells. Signed and numbered.

Mike Brown won multiple Best of Show awards at the National Artistry in Wood juried shows. And, too, h has won Best of Class and Best of Division awards at the National Juried Woodworking show for his nautilus shells.


Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

Through October 25

 TURNING, an exhibition, featuring N.W. master wood-turners Mike Brown, Martin Conley, Stuart Dittbrenner, Daniel Harris, Robert McWhirter, and Tom Willing. Introducing live edge furniture by Richard Guadagni.

New autumn-themed art by oil painter Colette Fallon, impasto painter Karen E. Lewis, photographer Linda Fenton-Mendenhall, and Aimee art by Vanessa K. Stokes.





Resident artist Mike Brown suggested the Fairweather October exhibition theme, TURNING, highlighting the diverse, exceptional talents of N.W. woodturners.

Connecting art seekers and makers through thoughtfully curated exhibitions, juried shows, collaborative projects, and installations. Our commitment to local artists and frequent rotation of new exhibits offers visitors a fresh and dynamic art experience.”

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