#10. Cherisse Mai, from Calgary, hand-carried her gemstone art to the gallery after a 14-hour non-stop drive.

#9. Paul Brent, a Seaside summertime artist, painted “Nocturne Pelican,” a key signature LIVE action piece for the Seaside Providence Hospital Festival of Trees. The event raised more than $262,000 for medical research.

#8. Victoria Brooks, resident artist, painting LIVE for Seaside First Saturday Art Walk patrons.

#7. Melissa Jander and Marga Stanley, Fairweather resident artists, offered a different perspective on the  BALANCING ACT exhibition theme; Mellissa spoke about learning ballet steps, and Marga spoke about the tribulations of having a picnic outdoors with ants visiting.

#6. Chelsea LaFry and Richard Thomasian stepped in to play LIVE during the after-hours events at the gallery. The duo will return in 2023.

#5. Neal Maine, Martin Conley, Peg Wells, Bob Kroll, and Jeanne Walker offered artist talks during a Seaside First Saturday Art Walk.

#4. Sara, Kathy, Denise, Saundra, Joan, and Kay, gallery hostesses, pose for a photo before an opening reception.

#3. Mary Lyn Gough, a watercolor artist, chose the gallery to debut her 2022 fabulous floral art.

#2. Toni Avery, an artist, poses with her work that compliments the exhibition theme and tablescape.

#1.  Lieta Gratteri, a prolific floral artist and fellow gardener, attended quite a few gallery exhibitions in 2022. 

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