A  magnificent high-end mirror from Currey and Co., usually available to the trade only for significant showhouse events, is placed in the Fairweather Gallery CLEVER exhibition for April 2023. 

 A shell mirror from Currey and Company with fluid shapes that catches the reflection as it passes by and never lets go. Whether placed on the floor or hung on the wall, its organic curves fit naturally into the space, offering a new depth to any interior. Its unique, living form is achieved by the expertise of craftsmen who devote time to work on finding the perfectly-imperfect shell for the careful selection of the  meticulous assembly around the mirror.”

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St. CLEVER, an exhibition featuring works crafted by hand.

Introducing unique pottery by Seaside artist Dawn DeRosa.

Highlighting Oregon Myrtlewood sculptures by Mike Brown, pen and ink work by Vanessa K. Stokes, and handmade books by Christine Trexel.

Presenting a classic, vintage handmade Atoll shell mirror by Currey and Company

It’s Spring time at the coast, and it’s the perfect time for beachcombing. With one of the most expansive beaches on the Oregon Coast, Seaside is the perfect spot to look for treasures.

Oregon’s Beach Bill secured the public’s recreational access to all beaches up the vegetation line along 363 miles of the state’s coastline.

The Seaside area is known for its abundance of limpets, moon snails, and other mollusks and crustaceans.

Take note: there is a limit of one gallon per day for collecting along the Oregon Coast (and only three gallons total within a year).


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