Live edge maple bowl by woodworker Mike Brown.

The live edge defines the unfinished edge of the woodwork, and it is the wood not altered by hand tools or woodworking machinery. As a result, the untouched end retains the original characteristics of a tree; its shape and bark. 

Raw edge burl bowl by woodworker Mike Brown.

Burl wood evokes emotions through its beauty and splendor. The grain patterns in the burl are incredible. These old-growth pieces have distinct coloration in the grain and will also have mineral staining or voids. The cause of mineral staining is the burl being submerged in water for an extended period. Curly grains occur by compression because of being on hillsides or slopes for many years. These characteristics make burl wood very desirable.

Mike Brown has an engineering background, studies the grain action on the harvested wood before deciding how to proceed, and then creates marvelous pieces of artful woodcraft.

Mike Brown has won multiple Best of Show awards at the annual Artistry in Wood juried shows; his most famous woodworks are the beautiful segmented nautilus shells, available exclusively at Fairweather’s

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