“Four on the Floor” 6 “x12” pastel painted en plein air by Gretha Lindwood

French artist Claude Monet painted  “en plein air,” which literally translates to “in the open air,” which enabled him to notice and record the subtle shifts in light and color in good natural light.

As a native Oregonian who paints to understand and enjoy the inspiration of unique moments of light and weather, my impressionistic works of art are to be viewed as light, color, form, texture, and design. It’s my way of communicating with the world. I hope to encourage the appreciation and protection of our natural world. ~Bev Drew Kindley, en plein air artist

“Melissa Jander’s beautiful paintings feature flowers in her Camano Island garden. She has a unique synthesis of Post-Impressionist style art seen in the work of Van Gogh, Cezanne, and Monet. Originating in France, the Post-Impressionist movement sought to expand the horizons of Impressionism, further exploring distortion of form and richness of color. Melissa’s art expresses all the GOOD STUFF, flowers, growing things, and fresh air.” FH&G

My art invites the viewer into the scene by painting en plein air and using an impressionistic touch. They bring to mind the feel of soft mist from a foggy morning on your cheek or the taste of a salty ocean breeze on your lips.

As a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, I cherish our unique natural world honed by water and time and delight in capturing its beauty in the lush colors of pastels.” Gretha Lindwood, en plein air artist

Victoria Brooks began her career as a graphic designer with KOIN-TV, the CBS affiliate in Portland, Oregon. Having received numerous national awards for broadcast for her long career as an art director and designer, she later resumed her studies in fine art oil painting. She has participated in many workshops abroad to pursue in the stude of art in impressionistic style oils, which she now does en plein air full-time. She enjoys teaching painting classes, workshops and is a popular demonstrator at art leagues.


Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

Seaside, Oregon

Through June 25

 “GOOD STUFF,” an impressionistic show of oil and en-plein air paintings. Showing Melissa Jander’s newest collection of classical and impressionist styles with a “fresh energy that will captivate the viewer. This oil painting collection showcases various subjects with fresh and lively energy.”

Also featuring en-Plein air artists Gretha Lindwood, Bev Drew Kindley, Victoria Brooks, and Michael Muldoon.

KD Fairweather, an allied member of A.S.I.D., American Society of Interior Designers, staged the exhibition. 

 “Flowers are like good friends; they bring colorful stuff  to your world.” — Unknown

Claude Monet was an avid en plein air artist who deduced that to seize the closeness and likeness of an outside setting at a specific moment one had to be outside to do so rather than just paint an outside setting in their studio.

Representing a fine art collection by an exceptional group of regional artists for over fifteen years. Traditional to transitional, contemporary to realism, and Impressionism to emerging art in original art.

Fairweather House and Gallery has become one of the historic Gilbert District’s sought-after destinations offering an ever-changing unique visual experience.” — Seaside Signal

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