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New work by Michael Muldoon.

I am an interpretive oil painter.  I love color so I strive to use it to prove the many dimensions of shadow, light and shapes.  Painting with both a brush and a knife, I’ll try and create a canvas covered in bold yet thoughtful texture. You’ll see form.  You’ll see color.  Hopefully you’ll appreciate the canvas and the way certain blended paint on a flat surface can create a unique beauty."    Michael Muldoon

HELLO SUNSHINE displays. An artful design approach to made-by-NW hands.

      Table display I for HELLO SUNSHINE: Hand painted transparent metallic luster wood turned candlesticks, hand dipped tapers, silk cording spools,  seed  pearl mosaic box by Gayle H. Seely, hand-dyed silk scarf,  hand-wrapped silk flowers,  glass art by…