From Rosemary Klein, a testimonial.


My dear friend Denise,

Because of your obviously genuine interest in what “your artists” are actually doing, I’m enclosing a card made from the Ecola Beach sketch which you admired in my sketch book a little over a year ago. You encouraged me to make it into a painting. I tried and wasn’t successful until I washed it in a beach pool and tried again, ultimately resulting in “Raven” which you now have on exhibit.

Today I received a letter from Daniel, a dear friend—a sophisticated lover of arts who would delight in Fairweather House and Garden. A dear mutual friend of ours is currently in a rehab facility after having suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. There’s little hope for much recovery, but Daniel makes regular visits and brought a card (this card) made from the “Raven” painting.

Here’s what Dan had to say in a letter:

“We spent some time looking at your superb painting. We traced the totemic ravens. He did not see that live raven in the tree until it was pointed out. He smiled in surprise. I hope he sensed that animal spirit energy that was so much a part of his NEW AGE involvement for almost 40 years. I stayed almost four hours until I realized that he was somewhere else.”

I’ve returned to my painting and, through you, to writing about what matters to me. And sharing that writing and painting and those feelings within a real community, which is part of what you provide at your amazing shop.

I feel very fortunate. Listening to the “testimonies” of the other artists at your Seaside First Saturday Art Walk. I somewhat envied your involvement with them. But then I realized the extent to which your encouragement to further develop my Ecola sketch has led to the spiritual adventure of creating “Raven,” a painting I had no idea I would be doing, even when I washed the failed original in the beach pool. It traveled its own path, which I’m sure I would not even have found without you and your gallery. Curiously, when I did the Ecola sketch, I was staying with artists friends on a retreat at Seaside. So it really all began here and had to continue here–matters which are quite beyond my rational understanding.

I hope we’ll be able to continue this creative journey. In ways I don’t fully understand, you are significantly influencing me as an artist. I hope you can accept how much you mean to the whole community, of whom I’ve only begun to be aware. Being part of your group certainly stimulates my creativity.”

With friendship and gratitude, Rosemary Klein

We have invited Fairweather artists to the grand finale of our cultural arts season, Dec. 6th, 5-7:pm.
Please join us! Artists are essential in every way to us.

“Those the live for the arts, support the arts”.

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