Linda Fenton-Mendenhall photographer arrives for FALL RETREAT.

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Linda Fenton-Mendenhall is a lifelong resident of the North Oregon Coast. Although fairly new to photography, she is gaining recognition locally and abroad for her artistic images of landscapes and coastal living.

Artist’s statement:
“The breathtaking coastline from Astoria to Arch Cape is a constant source of inspiration for me. I am always fascinated with its many “moods” and ever changing views. People travel here from all over the world, to experience what I get to see every day.

For me, photography has been a way to show the appreciation I have for living here. When all of the elements come together; ideal lighting, diverse weather and spectacular coastal backdrops. I am truly in MY element. I love the creative process, from beginning to end.

To be able to share with others, how I view my little corner of the world has been so rewarding. It has opened up a new world for me to explore, while continually learning and improving.

I see opportunities in almost everything that would make great photos. Even without a camera, I’m continually framing scenes and looking for different angles and perspectives.

I’ve learned to be ready, when those moments happen. Many times, the ideal shot is gone in blink of an eye. Sometimes I just get lucky enough to catch it.” –Linda Fenton-Mendenhall

Fun facts:

Linda Fenton-Mendenhall served as the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk photographer throughout  the summer of 2015.

She was the featured Seaside Antique Mall artist for the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk  in the spring of 2015.

She will debut as a Fairweather fine art photographer  during the October 3rd FALL RETREAT  opening exhibition.

She has selected exclusive photographs depicting the autumn season, in addition to offering a collection of matted prints.

She has seen her photographs “liked” throughout the world (see note below).

“When I visited with you recently, we had discussed the audience following my photography page has on social media. So, I thought you may be interested in seeing it. I posted an image a little over 36 hours ago (September 12, 2014) and it reached more than 9800 people. There are 2500 directly following my page but with everyone sharing/commenting, it gained momentum to dozens of countries and almost every state in the U.S. Many of the people commenting from Australia, England, Canada and France are people I hear from regularly.” –Linda

Please visit her fabulous FB page at Linda Fenton-Mendenhall Photography.

Linda Fenton-Mendenall
Linda Fenton-Mendenall

Save the date and time. Fairweather’s opening reception for FALL RETREAT held during the next Seaside First Saturday Art Walk. October 3rd, 5-7pm.

Artists appearing: Dr. Jo Pomeroy-Crockett, Bev Drew Kindley, Paul Brent, who will offer a Seaside Painting LIVE ™ episode,, Nick Brakel in collaboration with Jermiah Sieber, Linda Fenton-Mendenhall and Sherrie Stahl.

Nature photographer Neal Maine (with perhaps, Michael Wing!!!) will speak at 6:pm about what is happening in the wildlife habitat “found right outside in our own back yards along the coastal edge.”

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