Ta Da! News just in! Britney Drumheller. For Above and Beyond. March 5th.

Britney Drumheller, Cannon Beach celebrity artist and by popular request,  the lead artist for ABOVE and BEYOND, will be at the opening reception  during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk on March 5th.  It’s Fairweather’s 1oth  anniversary!!! It’s Britney’s 6th unveiling at Fairweather’s.

In Progress

And, too, one of the largest pieces is collaboration between her mentor Abbas Atwi, as Britney typically works in the macro world.

Cannon Beach celebrity artist Britney Drumheller accepts two bouquets prior to her opening reception.

So save the date for Britney Drumheller’s  6th unveiling (!!!) at the Fairweather Gallery on Saturday March 5th, from 5:00 to 7:00pm; she has the honor of being appointed the lead artist for the Fairweather’s “Above and Beyond” Art Walk. Staying true with the theme, she is pushing her comfort zone by fusing several elements of texture to create one subject to truly take her work above and beyond.

“I am humbled to be joining efforts Abbas Atwi,  a talented and accomplished painter,  having the opportunity to learn from his expertise. As Abbas’s paint dries, my markers come to life to enhance the detail and structure of the original piece. My comfort is to work within the realm of these markers.

Abbas Atwi has inspired me to merge his skill of acrylics with my passion for markers, thus giving the image another dimension of detail.

Keeping true to my intricate style I will be applying this new technique to highlight some my coastal favorites, such as a variety of native coastal birds and sea creatures.”Britney Drumheller


“Exited for the art show! I’m hoping for 8-10 pieces with new techniques of layering. One of the larger pieces is an original mixed media acrylic & marker 24×36” collaboration between Abbas Atwi and I am so pleased with it, and excited to have it done for the show. The attached image of the mixed media (that is not complete) as Abbas has more painting & I have more sketching! (but will give you an idea). As you can see with the close up of the barnacles, I am going through using marker to capture the smaller details.”–Britney



Please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com/ artists/ Britney Drumheller for more information about the artist or go to: http://www.britneydrumheller.squarespace.com/ blog to read more.

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