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10th year anniversary celebration @ Fairweather’s


As we move into our 11th year.

We will continue to do the right thing.

We will  continue to help one another.

We will continue to deliver raving service.

We will continue to embrace quality always.

We will continue to welcome change.

We will continue to accept social responsibility.

We will continue to do what others are not willing to do.

We will continue to honor out heritage.




Hi Denise,
“Just wanted to drop you a note to add my 2 cents about what a great celebration it was for your 10th anniversary art walk! Everyone had a great time meeting and greeting and enjoying all the visual treats (and food and drink treats) at Fairweather’s. I know I did! You never fail to surprise everyone… this month with the live bird talk? OMG… very cool. Thanks for supporting the Wildlife Center of the North Coast!!! Perfect timing. It’s bird watching season!!!”

eye to eye with Flynn

And, thank you also for changing me to one of the permanent artist. Truly, it’s an honor and I appreciate all you do for me and all the other artists. You simply ROCK, Denise.
OXOX always,
Linda Trexeler

GREAT ART WALK !!!! Nice way to start off the season. Everything looked so beautiful in the store. Thank you for including me. Have a good day.
Kathy B.


Your arrangements are lovely as always…you have such a talent for putting everything together, creating a visual masterpiece! Simply amazing, my dear.
Hugs Marga
I appreciate having the privilege of placing my art in your magnificent gallery. Fondly, Jo Pomeroy-Crockett.


A Fairweather thank you:

Fairweather House and Gallery is grateful to patrons.  Thank you so much for recommending us to friends, suggesting artists, and taking time to appreciate what we do.  We are grateful to all who have visited us, in person,  through our website, blog, Facebook or Twitter or via email.  We are grateful to the artists and artisans who offer us new art work each month with such devotion.  The connections shared with the patrons, artists and visitors are memorable.  Everyone sees a lot of original art, whether revisiting an artist in residence or seeing a new artist debut for the first time. Thank you.


“It is the excitement that comes from finding something new  whenever we visit your gallery and we rarely miss your special events,”  a recent email.


Fun Fact: Did you know that there have been many several times that we have been given the wonderful opportunity to show more than 100 new pieces for selected exhibition? Indeed, the gallery has opened a new exhibit  of original art work each and every month since 2006!

Please visit http://www.faiweatherhouseandgallery.com for more information.


Go to www.coastwildlife.org for more information about the Wildlife Center of the North Coast.

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