Q:  Where, else, in the world has Christine’s art been, you ask?

A: As an adult she began her journey in creating her own books, which led to boxes, and then to making paper while living in Oregon. She has been fortunate to have taken a wide variety of classes at the Oregon School of Arts and Crafts, as well as, with international known artists in book binding and papermaking.

Christine lived in Panama for years where she learned to harvest and process plants from her garden to make paper for the books and boxes she creates. The wealth of vegetation forested experimentations and a great love of learning.

Building the Universe by Christine Trexel

Christine spent an inspiring week in late June at the Biennial Focus on Book Arts Conference as a member of the planning committee. The conference attracts participants from around the country with a wide variety of workshops taught by well-known book artists. It was an opportunity for learning new techniques and networking with some truly amazing artists. Christine was proud to have her piece “Building the Universe: The Platonic Solids” selected for a juried book arts show recently. The art piece was purchased by the Bainbridge Island Art Museum.


Fairweather House and Gallery

The summer season ends with a most perfect exhibition titled: COLOR IT FALL 

New original art compositions revolve around the complementary clash of the deliberately heightened blues, dazzling oranges and brilliant yellows. 

Color is the dominant element in new fall art by Fairweather Gallery resident artists:

Handmade paper works by Christine Trexel 


Mixed media works by Jo Pomeroy Crockett

Bead art by Gayle H. Seely

Origami paper works by Peggy Evans

Abstracts by Renee Rowe 



Introducing prize winning artist Mike Mason, who uses carefully dried, pressed and placed botanicals to create art to support natural habitats conservation. 

In addition, Fairweather’s welcomes new artists Lisa Wiser and Catherine Mahardy to the gallery. 


To read more about Christine, please go to http://www.faiweatherhouseandgallery.com/ …artists/ …Christine Trexel



Take note: This fall/winter Christine Trexel will be teaching classes  in Cannon Beach, Cannon Beach Art Gallery and in Astoria.



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