The art exhibit called Ode to the Tides Art Show and Sale finishes its run in Seaside at the end of June.  The project, sponsored by The Wetlands Conservancy, is a traveling show that highlights the beauty and ecological significance of Oregon’s coastal estuaries and intertidal areas.  What makes this exhibit unique is the collaboration between scientists and artists, and the degree to which the artists researched the topic in detail as part of the creative process. What emerged is a collection of about 200 delightful pieces by 84 artists.

The exhibit opened in May at Oregon State University and moved to Seaside on display at Fairweather House and Gallery in Seaside, as well as at the Art-in-the-Loft Gallery in Beach Books.   The entire collection can be viewed on-line through a link on the Wetlands Conservancy’s web site.


The images of the habitats at the intersection of land, saltwater and freshwater, and the fish, wildlife and invertebrates that frequent these unique areas are explored in a wide variety of media including paintings, felt sculptures, glass mobiles and mosaics, wood, paper, woolen tapestries, mixed media, floral collages, photographs, ceramics, and more. Each of the locations include special programs –lectures, tours, hands-on activities and other experiences to help visitors learn about coastal estuaries and intertidal areas.  Local naturalist Neal Maine and several of the artists offered an interpretive program the Seaside Library.

Ode to the Tides follows a similar project in 2017 called Beaver Tales, which focused exclusively on beavers and their habitat to help people gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for these industrious little wetland-creating rodents. Also a traveling show sponsored by the Wetlands Conservancy, the Seaside exhibition at Fairweather House and Gallery sold more beaver-themed art for a greater total amount than any of the other 6 locations around the state.

Sales of Ode to the Tides art  during the Seaside exhibition  at Fairweather House and Gallery have also been impressive -fifteen pieces sold.  Many of the buyers turned out to be artists purchasing the work of other artists, which indicates the high quality and variety of the work.



Best of Show shipping box is awarded to: Artist Bonnie MacLachlan Garlington for her box with foam edging, velcro, and ease of sliding art in and out.

Since the exhibit will travel throughout the state, it was essential that the pieces be properly packaged for travel, wrapped inside with bubble wrap or other material that would protect it from scratches and scrapes, and then placed in a secure cardboard carton that could be easily opened and closed multiple times.



Best “blooper” email:

We invite you to participate in an art exhibit to be sponsored by The Wetlands Conservancy ( It is called Ode to the Tides, and will feature art in a variety of media that tells a story about the beauty and ecological importance of coastal estuaries, tide pools, and the creatures therein…

“Thank you very much for the invitation to participate an art exhibit sponsored by The Wetlands Conservancy Ode to the Tides. I am very happy and will gladly submit my work to support the project. However, I do not live in this region where, there coastal estuaries, rocky shores, and tidal pools are. For me to get to these places is a great deal of effort. In my region where I am living, there are rivers canals and smaller lakes and reservoirs. If I can assist with the species in these habitats, please let me know. I will love to submit my work.” —Roy Lowe, Germany/



The remaining art returns to storage in a Seaside airplane hangar until its next exhibition. Ode to the Tides – de-install June 30.

Staff/Volunteers:  Sara and Jeff, Emily Miller, Jani Hoberg, Jan Rimerman, Agnes Field, Kirsten Horning, Paul Brent, Mike Mason, Anny Sears, Adrienne Stacy, Diane Copenhaver and Jane and Joe McGeehan deliver empty boxes, pack art, and transport art to storage area.



Runner-up “blooper” Seaside de-install email:

“I must admit, I’m not entirely certain who you are or what you’re talking about. I’m guessing you got the wrong Mike Mason. Either that or I somehow managed (while in a hic-cup moment) to volunteer to help take down what I assume is an art show, in what appears to be Seaside, Oregon?

Either way I can’t make it because I’m scheduled to work my job here in good old Minneapolis, Minnesota; and it just wouldn’t be realistic for me to do both. I wish you good luck in packing up the show and I hope you find your Mike Mason.” —Mike Mason, Minnesota


Through August and September, the Ode to the Tides Art Show and Sale will be transported and displayed in the Newport Visual Arts Center, the Visitors’ Center at the Marine Science Center and at the Newport Performing Arts Center. The exhibit will continue through September at these locations. In the Newport area, The Wetlands Conservancy, OSU Marine Science Center, and local naturalists will present programs and tours throughout the Newport exhibition.



And, then, the Seaside airplane hanger returns to the Gage drone.


Q: What has the drone filmed, you ask?

A: Gearhart Elk Parade by Jeff Gage.  Watch live


Well played. Ode to the Tides Seaside Exhibition

Jeff and Sara Vickerman


Sara Vickerman is the volunteer curator for the exhibit. She retired from a professional career in wildlife conservation, and has a  special passion for nature-oriented art. Sara has degrees in art, anthropology, biology, geography and education.




The exhibit opened in May at Oregon State University and moves on to Newport for August and September, with a portion on display in Hood River in September.  It concludes in November and December at the Beaverton Library and City Hall.  The entire collection can be viewed on-line through a link on the Wetlands Conservancy’s web site.

For more information, contact the curator, Sara Vickerman (

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