Made by Mike Mason. Seaside’s Necanicum River in botanicals.

“Necanicum River” Botanical Impression made by Mike Mason.

  Carefully dried, pressed and placed botanicals to create art to support natural habitats conservation.

Made with:
1 variegated Hydrangea blossom
1 Hydrangea leaf
1 black Petunia bloom
1 stem of Lunaria
20 Lunaria coins
2 Iris flowers
1 hunk of Moss
2 Alder leaves
1 Tuft of Paper Tree bark
1 decomposed Magnolia leaf
1 piece of Lungwort lichen
School Glue
Magnifying Glass

Anny Sears, floral artist, presents the recipe for “Necanicum River.”  She often speaks about the understanding of florography and how it magnifies energy of Mike Mason’s art.

“A snapshot of the Necanicum River was inspiration for another attempt to capture water with earth’s elements.
Ideas of depth, motion, flow and light came into a deeper focus as I made this riverscape.” MM


Q: Where in the world is the Necanicum River, you ask?

A: The Necanicum River is a river on the Pacific coast of northwest Oregon in the United States, approximately 21 miles long. It forms the first estuary south of the mouth of the Columbia River along the Oregon Coast, reaching the Pacific Ocean at Seaside in Clatsop County. The river enters the Pacific Ocean at Seaside. Its final approach to the ocean is nearly parallel to the coast running south to north through the downtown of Seaside. Necanicum  is one of several Indian names in northwest Oregon beginning with ne, meaning place.


Mike Mason has been using the flora and organic palette for over twelve years with a body of work of over one hundred and fifty pieces.

“Natural color and form used as brushstrokes is the next step in the journey of understanding. Timeless tales of truth resound in each petal, leaf and root. The impressions of ideas expressed in botanical source material magnify when shared with each other.”–- Mike Mason



Grace note received.

“You are the light for artists. Thank you for all that you do for the arts. I have made a baby orchid bouquet to complement the Momma orchid plant that you received  as a thank you from Vicky Combs-Snide, fellow artist.” –Anny

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