The front entrance display table for CLEVER, an exhibition on view through April 25. Abstract art by Cicely Gilman, landscape art by Jan Shield, encaustic art by Peg Wells, hammered jewelry by Nikki Hatt, art glass by Bob Heath, Blenko retro glass from Paul Brent, cubist wood candle sticks, Illumne candles, mid-century stemware, pottery by Marilyn Cohn, handpainted silk scarves and vintage fused glass bowl.

Clever, the art selected and its background:

  • Gilman’s art is from her textile designs and is made available for wellies, swimsuits, skirts, hats, and …what-evers.
  • Shield’s landscape floats in a traditional frame, a different presentation approach.
  • Well’s encaustics include shards of linen, sea glass, and what-evers.
  • Hatt’s jewelry is inspired from her work as a college professor in metalsmithing.
  • Heath’s art comes from an engineering background and intensive planning.
  • Brent’s glass is found in the nooks and crannies at an estate sale, clever finds.
  • Cohn’s pottery has a smart signature each one made different with an expressive happy face.

Close-up to show the handpainted and hand hemmed detailing on the silk scarf.

A brilliant 40×40 square of wearable art.

A friend of the artist, Jan Rimerman, crafted imaginative art cozies to protect her art in transport from the studio to the gallery, upcycling Jan’s tennis coverups.

How clever, you ask? Rimerman’s cozies reflect her directorship of the Rock…Paper…Turtle show for the Wetlands! Note the turtle appliques.

Jan Rimerman
Artist/Art Administrator

Visual Art Coordinator Lakewood Center for the Arts

Curator Dee Denton GalleryDirector/Curator Rain Spark Gallery

Director Rock…Paper…Turtle…Art for WetlandsNeptune Studios

Being clever is neither born nor created, but rather forged in actions taken on behalf of one’s vision. Everybody has the basic tools being clever, but, mostly, it is about having grit.

Being clever is not the vision or the insight itself, but rather the relentlessness by which its visionary or thinker or creator pursues its realization. Cleverness is art even when it is science, is aesthetic even when it is structured, it is novel even when it is revolutionary, it is evolutionary even when it is natural. Being clever is fundamentally an aspect of character  — D. Stark, Philosopher

Fairweather Gallery display featuring the creative work of fellow gallerist Miska Salemen with selected glass and accessories to complement her Octopus art.

What came first, you may ask? The planning of the display?

Art, always and in all ways, comes first.

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Op Art, Fairweather’s May 5

Spring Unveiling, May 5-7, CB

Fairweather has connections with several fellow gallerists. Miska Studio (artist/ owner Miska Saleman), the Art Loft in Astoria (artist /owner Jo Pomeroy Crockett), Paul Brent Gallery in Panama City (artist/owner Paul Brent), the Grey Raven Gallery (artist/owner Martin Conley), and Rain Spark Gallery (artist/owner Jan Rimerman).

Those that live for the arts, support the arts.

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St. 

Located in the Historic Gilbert District of downtown Seaside

The CLEVER exhibition features work crafted by hand.

Introducing unique pottery by Seaside artist Dawn DeRosa.

Highlighting Oregon Myrtlewood sculptures by Mike Brown, pen and ink work by Vanessa K. Stokes, art by Jan Rimerman, handmade books by Christine Trexel, and textiles by Jeanne Walker.

On exhibit through April 25

Indeed, staging CLEVER surprised us a lot this April, and we want to be sure you do not miss it.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use it, the more you have.” — Maya Angelou

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