A few more of Karynn Kozij’s friends arrived for a reunion…

He is my pal!
There was no wind on the beach that night of the family reunion.
Kevin wanted to fly his kite for the reunion picture but without wind, how could he fly his kite?
Fortunately, he found a stick on the beach to hold up the kite.
However, the kite technically did not ‘fly’…this climate change aggravates Kevin!!!



Doreen a



Her favorite color is pink.  She matched her flip lops to her bucket.  




Aunt Kay.

She never stops talking. How does she know so much about what everyone is doing?  She so frequently puts her foot in her month without even recognizing it. Doe she even think about or listen to what  she says”  Tall her a secret. That news will be all over town instantly.  Full of judgement of everyone else yet her life is perfect.  Just as her.




A page from Karynn Kozij’s book:

“Octopus Family Reunion at the Beach came to life from hundreds of feet of rope, floats, and a lot of marine debris found.  The family developed visual character and personality of materials discovered and used in theme and intuition.  Anthropomorphic, stereotypical and/or politically  incorrect family resemblance, descriptions, and/or likeness to anyone known or unknown, living or not, is purely coincidental and serendipitous …or not” 

Karynn and her marine debris art book.


Lookie here! Up high… is Fairweather’s is Karynn’s Kevin…flying a kite!


View From The Porch: Art From The ‘Octopus’s Garden’
“Kevin Who Loves Kites,” by Karynn Kozij. GEARHART —In the interest of full disclosure, my husband, Mr. Sax (RJ Marx), made contact with Karynn Kozij, the …

For FINDINGS! Karynn Kozij’s marine debris art. Found for FINDINGS before the artist created… and after= Frazzled Model Mom by Karynn Kozij, marine debris …

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