“Beach Walk” pastel by Kathy Esnard

“Beach Walk” is a pastel painting by Kathy Esnard. Kathy is inspired by her love for the outdoors and her desire to capture the beauty of nature. Her paintings are not exact replicas of specific places, but they allow viewers to bring their own perspective to the artwork. Kathy likes to depict scenes that show a minimal human impact on the environment, creating a peaceful coexistence between humans and nature. Kathy considers the local colors of the scene and then adjusts them to match her interpretation. –FH&G

Kathy has created several other stunning paintings, including “Shorebreak,” “Splash,” “Beach Break,” and “Time Out.” These paintings, showcased in the gallery, demonstrate Kathy’s talent and creativity.

Vignette at the Fairweather Gallery for the LOST ad FOUND exhibition, on display through Oct. 25th, featuring Kathy Esnard’s pastel painting, KD LaLonde’s oil seascape, Peg Well’s encaustic wave, and Steve A. Bash’s ocean photograph. Also pictured are fused glass by Christine Downs and D’arcy Martin, vintage mouth-blown glass, selected handblown stemware, and fused glass coasters.

Recently, Kathy Ensard’s pastel work won a First place award in 2023 at the annual judged show at the Trail’s End Gallery!

Although trained as an oil painter, I discovered I love the immediacy and vibrant color of pastels. Pastels provide the perfect cross between drawing and painting. They are made by combining raw pigment from the earth with small amounts of binder, rolling them into shape, and allowing them to dry. There is a satisfying connection between the medium and landscape/seascape as subject

About the Artist:
A life-long artist, I spent many years practicing art in Oregon and Southern California where I belonged to a Laguna Beach gallery and won numerous awards while competing in juried exhibitions and competitions. I was an active member of the Plein Air community and the growing California Impressionist revival. Recently relocated to the North Oregon Coast to be near family, I am eager to become part of the vibrant arts community here. –KE

Education and Associations:
California State University Long Beach, Art studies BFA/Painting, Marylhurst University, Oregon
NorthWest Plein Air Painters Assoc LPAPA (Laguna Plein Air Painters Assoc)

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