What is the thought process when selecting an exhibition title, you ask?

A: Using the current exhibition, given the title: SOLITUDE, opening at Fairweather’s November 1st during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk event, the thought process, in an artist’s mind, was as if to say: “I am alone. This is my life. What is, here, and I will make the most of it.”

The title of an exhibition is selected months in advance. The artists are invited to work towards the opening date as a collaborative project; oftentimes, selected as many have expressed a similar vision, rapport and fellowship. Then after the artists are booked for an exhibition, of which many have spent months (or even years) putting together a body of artwork that embraces the appointed title, opening night becomes an opportunity to share with other artists and personally interact with an audience.

The pursuit of creativity is largely a solitary activity. Artists tend to spend time working in isolation. While this solitude is often required for focus, being alone too much can make one crave contact and to hear feedback for the creative process. So, it is with an Art Walk opening, artists speak with each other, talk with patrons and share inspirations with other highly motivated people.

And, too, patrons meet other art lovers. They listen to elaborate (or sometimes, humble and ever grateful) explanations from the artists. Everyone appreciates being socially engaged as an audience. Indeed, one may see familiar faces at each event. Many personal and professional associations develop.

Each person has a different need for human contact. Some artists may enjoy their own company; whereas others find the silence of working on their own facilitates the creation of artwork. Public events serve to reassure that one is not alone in an art experience.

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